We’ve Transitioned!!

Dig In! has Transitioned to the U of T Food Policy Council!!!

Dig In! Campus Agriculture has supported small-scale food production at the University of Toronto, providing educational opportunities for students and the community on issues pertaining to urban agriculture and sustainability. Dig In! has transitioning into the U of T Food Policy Council (U of T FPC), modelled on the Toronto FPC, and is the first ever university run food policy council.

We would like to invite you to join us coming school year to take part in the U of T Food Policy Council. We are seeking diverse individuals with unique perspectives that will engage with us in food policy issues and come up with innovative solutions to the growing concerns they cover. The council will also require the assistance of volunteers who will be dedicated to maintaining the productivity of our gardens, and to help out with upcoming events, research, and creating policy.

This is an exciting opportunity for members of the U of T community who have or would like to gain a deeper understanding of food policy issues including, but not limited to, food security, food sustainability, and food sovereignty: the U of T FPC will work to ensure these issues continue to be explored and discussed regularly on campus. Council members will have the chance to engage with others in an exciting network of diversity and work with student groups, students, and faculty members whose interests vary from issues pertaining to environmental concerns, health, social justice, and food sustainability. U of T FPC members should be enthusiastic and dedicated to creating more opportunities on campus that will encourage students to explore issues that support wholesome food procurement, food sustainability, and food justice. The U of T FPC will be open to U of T students, staff, and faculty members of all disciplines, including full and part-time students, undergraduate and graduate students, and students from all three campuses.

If you have interest in being involved with the council, either as a member, volunteer, or to collaborate with us, email us at uoft.fpc@gmail.com


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